The past couple of weeks has seen it’s fair share of celebrity feuds, in twitter exchanges and infamous hip hop diss tracks. It has been entertaining to say the least, not to mention real petty.


It kicked off with Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift who soon made friends again, then Safaree Samuels vs Meek Mill/Nicki Minaj.

The most recent of rap beef’s that’s taken over the entertainment headlines is that of rappers Drake and Meek who have gotten into it, and their rap beef is apparently comparable to 50 Cent and Ja Rule’s.


This saw the two longtime rivals reignite their issues via twitter off of the back of Drake v Meek. Which really should just stay dead and buried, no one cares anymore. The soil and creatures that live within it has consumed that tired argument…let’s let it go fellas!


The G-Unit founder 50 Cent isn’t one to keep quiet on much, it’s hard to find anyone in the know on Meek Mill and Drake to not have an opinion on the beef and share that opinion via social media.

The  ‘Candy Shop’ rapper is no different, as he took to his Instagram to post on the drama giving his views on the most recent rap beef, which sent the world and social media into a frenzy.


Fiddy is seen commenting on the Young Money rapper’s performances of ‘Charged Up’ and ‘Back to Back’, at Drizzy’s OVO festival this past week.

During Drake’s performance of ‘Back to Back’ a screen behind him featured some of the meme’s which made fun of Meek in responses to the beef.


A video posted by 50 Cent (@50cent) on


Man I be on some other sh!t #EFFENVODKA #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO

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Almost anyone who is anyone has had opinions on the bust up between the two rappers, who share one thing in common, that of course is Nicki Minaj.


It most definitely has not gone unnoticed that Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill have been dating, as they take every chance they can to let the world know…or let Safaree know. Who by the way has clearly moved on!


Although all has not been perfect over at the Cash Money/Young Money headquarters of late, label mates Nicki and Drake had always seemed like they’re great friends and have a lot of love for each other, aside from just being in the same crew.

This has to be one of the most uncomfortable situations for her, almost like a woman’s partner and brother not getting along.


Well, that said 50 Cent stopped by Power 99 and shared his theory on what the Anaconda rapper’s standpoint might just be in his whole ordeal.


Check it out below:




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