British songwriter Adele’s ‘Hello’ song is becoming the most covered hit over these weeks.


Singer Dawn (aka Dawn Richard), who’s not taking half-measure, totally morphed the ballad and did her own version of it, a smooth and energic one. The song was released on the same day as the long-awaited ’25’ Album.


I’m always skeptical about doing covers. If I do them, I usually take them and morph them into my own. For example, when I covered Katy Perry’s Dark Horse my producer and I sat down to create a distinct sound for the track. Recreating “Hello” was no different because I had the urge to cover it in my own way. I just couldn’t resist a record that was so well written.” She confessed during an interview.


D∆WN richard team curtains


Who knows, this might be dedicated to a past lover…
Listen to Dawn’s latest cover ‘Hello’ below:



Do you feel it?

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