This friday marks the date we are set to receive confirmation to what exactly is going on with 65-year-old Olympic gold medalist/ Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality star Bruce Jenner, as he speaks out about his rumoured transition into becoming a woman!


Well, we’ve all seen the pictures and asked ourselves, what is going on with him. We shall now hear Bruce himself address the matter in a two-hour special exclusive meet hosted by Diane Sawyer. The taping will air on ABC, Friday 24 April at 9 p.m.


“My whole life has been getting me ready for this” says Bruce reveals in short clip teaser. Do you already have your popcorn ready?


Definitely set to be an interesting watch since Bruce Jenner has kept a low profile since recent split of wife Kris Jenner & more recently being involved in a fatal car accident this year on February 7th.


Watch the ABC Special teaser video, below:




Will he reveal anything about the Kardashian family that we don’t already know?




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