Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke’s mission finally comes to an end as television network ABC pulls the plug on the Revenge drama series after four years with the season finale airing May 10th 2015.


Now if you have somehow managed to keep your attention span in check and followed the show after season 2, can we just say well done you because we are sure that this has been no easy task.


Season 1 had viewers hooked and the thought of missing an episode was just unimaginable, but now three seasons later the question since season 2 was going to be just how much revenge does one person need!


No, seriously, just how much? As the storylines expanded through each season you kind of forgot was Emily’s real issue was in the first place. Once her father was found to be alive, and then found out who she was…it would have been expected for s–t to hit the fan, but no, not quite. After that we had the feeling of bye Felicia.


Unlike the television series Game of Thrones, warning signs were there for some tv shows when major characters are killed off. Well with the demise of Daniel Grayson and now what seems like the end of his mother Victoria Grayson, I think we knew the end was nigh.



Although the viewers of the show did plummet, there are still fans of the show that may be sad to see it go…


As news of the cancellation began to circulate, Emily Vancamp who plays character Emily Thorne posted a farewell message to her Twitter.





Actor Barry Sloane who previously played character Aiden as love interest/ ally to Emily also sent out a tweet


For the Brits; a little fun fact, Barry previously appeared in British Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks as villain Niall Rafferty. It was fun and confusing while it lasted, Goodbye Revenge.



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