The third annual “Bullying is No Joke” event kicked off, last week, on January 16, 2016 in Royal Oak, Michigan with one of the funniest actors, writers, and comedians in show business J.B. Smoove.


The “Bullying Is No Joke” is an evening of comedy to support Defeat the Label and their Anti-Bullying programs. For almost two hours JB Smoove entertained the sold out crowd, no breaks no intermissions – just a night full of laughter. A fan in attendance at the Royal Oak theater stated, “I looked from side to side, front and back the audience laughed all night, I could hear people in the crowd saying they hadn’t laugh that hard in a long time, a few fans even shouted out we love you JB, you are remarkable!”




Ending his performance JB Smoove shared a few stories from his childhood when he too was bullied. JB Smoove remembered the other kids would call him Harriet Tubman, because he knew hiding spots and secret exits to avoid the bullies at school. “Bullying is no laughing matter,” JB Smoove said as he suggested a call of action against bullying, he also advised parents to talk more with their children and do not let technology, social media and TV raise them. JB Smoove walked on the stage to a warm welcome and left with a standing ovation.




Then Defeat The Label team took to their facebook page to thank everyone for an amazing event.


“What an amazing night last night with ‪#‎JBSmoove‬! And thank you to all of our amazing sponsors for making the night possible. Your support helps us to support students and offer our Upstander curriculum,In Your School and Stand4ChangeDay.”


Bullying and cyberbullying is widespread and perhaps the most under-reported safety problem in our school systems. Defeat the Label encourages communities to work together to stop bullying and cyberbullying by increasing awareness.




“We’ve all been called names. Many of us have been bullied. Enough is Enough!”


Jeff Sakwa, President and Kevin Goldman, CEO of Defeat the Label are very passionate about bringing awareness to bullying. They have helped so many students and seeking to help more.




AB Butler, Jeff Sakwa, JB Smoove, Kevin Goldman.


JB Smoove was the celebrity headliner, however the Defeat The Label team brought out several special guest and friends that night to strongly reinforce their efforts and cause.


Defeat The Label is a non-profit organization that creates awareness of bullying issues among middle school and high school aged students.
Defeat The Label is a social movement that works to promote an inclusive, judgment-free society, void of social labels and stereotypes; a society where all people are recognized not for their physical form, but for the superior, equal and worthy soul within.


Defeat the Label is committed to working with students, educators and school administration to provide essential tools to empower students to take a stand for themselves, educate students to end being a bystander and to stand up for others, and to create the opportunity for a bully free, safe school environment for everyone.


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