Earlier this week Adele took to twitter to express disappointment that her ‘All I Ask‘ performance at the 58th annual Grammy Awards didn’t go exactly as planned but she kept singing!


The 27-year old soulstress has had an incredible few months, and with that comes expectation and pressure. Watch her cope through her performance, below:




Yesterday during the Ellen Degeneres Show.


Hello. It’s us. #Adellen #Tomorrow

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The British songstress revealed that she was left in tears after sound issues marred her highly anticipated performance at the Grammy Awards. “I cried pretty much all day yesterday,” Adele told Ellen.


“I don’t feel like it could go that much worse than the GRAMMYs, though. So I feel like I’m alright now. Anything that happens, dust it off. Next time I have any sound issues I am gonna stop. I’ll be like, sorry that’s not working for me. If we have time to do it again, let’s do it. Otherwise, bye!”


Apart from that mishap, she singer perfectly performed her ‘All I Ask’ in front of Ellen’s Audience



Ellen Degeneres also asked Adele to record greetings for her voicemail, the one voicemail you’ll always hope to get and the singer gladly provided riffs on her hit song ‘Hello‘.



Last but not least, the ‘Set Fire In The Rain’ singer showed her funny side as she took part in a prank at the Jamba Juice on the Warner Bros wearing an earpiece so she can hear Ellen telling her what to say to store workers. She even cut wheatgrass which was on the counter with scissors and chewed it. Believe me, it’s worth watching!



Watch Adele getting candid with Ellen below:




Let’s be honest Adele, you did an amazing Grammy performance hands down!


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