The new issue of GQ magazine is out which features model Amber Rose, and she is looking hot, nothing new there. What else isn’t new is the mention of Kim Kardashian West.


The two have a long feud which seems never ending. After breaking up with Kanye West 5 years ago, Amber later revealed that their relationship had ended due to the rapper creeping with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star behind her back. Tut tut! Well, after that she’s hardly likely to be her number one fan.


It seems as though the issue does not only end with Kim, as Amber does not shy away from publicly defending or fighting the corner of her new bestie Blac Chyna, who was once and very briefly friends with Kim Kardashian.


This was until Kim’s baby sis Kylie Jenner became a little too close and ultimately more than friends with Chyna’s rapper ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, Tyga. The couple had only just broken up before the then 23-year-old rapper and his then 17-year-old ‘friend’, Kylie.

Ironically…or not, it looked as though this is where the close friendship of Amber and Chyna was formed.


Just an observation!


Not only do these two women have Ye’ and Blac Chyna in common, but they also share the same birthday which was celebrated this week on October 21.


Keeping it real, both women are known for expressing their sexuality and bodies for success and fame, although not their only source for success it has certainly had quite a huge part to play.


In the interview with GQ Amber said;


‘I said to [Khloé Kardashian], “Your sister [Kylie Jenner] has a career because your other sister [Kim Kardashian] made a sex tape and put the whole family on.'”

‘I think it’s f***ing awesome that she did a sex tape and made millions of dollars for her family. But let’s not forget where we came from. Because I didn’t.’

‘She probably had a f***ing blast. And guess what? At the time she was in love with that guy.’

‘So don’t think you’re better than me, because we’ve all had trials and tribulations.’


[via Daily Mail]


The 32-year-old Mother also spoke on her Slut Walk movement which of course got the mentions of both her ex’s Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West.

Amber spoke on how she felt that both men had publicity slut shamed her, for which she has now forgiven in a tearful speech at her LA Slut Walk event.


After the release of the GQ issue, Amber was not happy with the way in which she was represented in the article and took to her Instagram to say her piece.


The line which is probably most disrespectful….”Unlike Amber, It’s not that thick!“, speaking of the book How To Be A Bad Bitch.




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