The FOX network drama series Empire took the states by storm this year since its airing in January.


With featured music created by Timbaland starring Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard as the leading actors, the show was bound to make impact! Then to add, appearances made by British top model Naomi Campbell and Raven Symoné, the TV series saw their viewer ratings rise by millions each week and, after the episodes were aired, it was said to be the biggest series in a long time hitting close to 20 million fans of the show joining for the series finale.


Now, with all the noise being made about the celebrity-filled music drama series, our very own UK network E4 wanted-in on the action, which made a nice speedy difference as it’s no secret that we are slow on receiving some US television shows here in the UK, if at all.


E4 certainly went all out with the ads building up to the debut of the shows UK airing. It was hard not to sing along with the music played in the ad which is performed by characters, brother Hakeem and Jamal Lyon.



Clearly the success of Empire hit our side of the waters, with the show’s creator Lee Daniels accused by a number of celebrities for stealing their life story as inspiration for plot. In fact there was the odd celebrity story from Mo’Nique letting it be known that the show had approached her to play a character in the show. We are certain if the show was a flop this story would have gone unheard.


It’s the show’s lead actress Taraji P. Henson who plays the character Cookie Lyon that everybody loves! Although we may have watched the show by streaming illegally online, this may have turned out to be a blessing for its international success.


Hear what Taraji had to say in a recent interview, below:







Empire is now two episodes in, have you been watching with us?





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