Well its seems as though Black Hollywood isn’t the only group of people that want  to distance themselves from Stacey Dash. Apparently Bravo doesn’t want her either!




As reported last week, rumors were buzzing all over the internet that actress and avid Republican, Stacey Dash, was in talks to join ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’. Well while strolling the twittersphere, Bravo Exec., Producer, and Puppet Master of Ratchetry, Andy Cohen, came across the alleged story and quickly clapped back to set the record straight. One fan wrote to Cohen “if Dash is added to the RHOA cast then say goodbye to viewers”


Andy wrote back:



Just like that, plain and simple. Lovers of BET and all things black in general can now shout in celebration!


We must admit, had this been any other person at Bravo we would be suspicious that they were just trying to throw us off their tracks. Normally, television producers (in reality TV) will go to tremendous lengths to keep any information about casting under wraps until after they have finished filming. However, seeing as though Cohen explicitly denied Dash as the show’s new addition rather than acting coy and tip toeing around the answer, we definitely believe him.


Although Stacey Dash won’t be joining the ladies of Atlanta anytime soon, it has been confirmed that RHOA cast member Kim Fields will not be returning to the show following her stint on ‘Dancing With The Stars’. So it begs the question who will be up for the challenge of filling Tootie’s roller blades shoes?



Who’s your pick for the next Housewife of ATL?

Let us know in the comments below!




Written by Mack

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