Two of Hip-Hop’s own T.I. and Meek Mill have joined the streets to protest against Trump.


ti-meek_mill-team-curtainsAfter Donald Trump won the race to become the 45th U.S. President, last week, a backlash began. Less than 24 hours in ‘Soldier’ rapper T.I and Meek Mill, who is the boyfriend of Nicki Minaj, joined in the “Not My President” march and protest against Trump, in disapproval that Donald J. Trump is to lead the Republican party, after defeating Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.


T.I. had posted a video on Instagram saying that they see that Clinton has gotten more votes than Trump and he wanted to challenge the final outcome.



With feelings that Clinton would hold a better president than Trump, the protests went on in Manhattan by the Trump Towers with many of people yelling and screaming anti-Trump slurs. They had released their anger by protesting into action on Wednesday night and marched in New York alongside other protesters chanting statements such as “She got more votes,” “We reject the President-elect,” to name a few.


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The people have spoken…. They turning America on its head.

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Meek Mill chanted “Fuck Trump,” while others sang in dismay.



The rappers aren’t new to using their platform to express their political view, earlier this year T.I. released a politically charged EP Us or Else, where Mill was featured on a track titled “Black Man.”



What are you thoughts on musicians using their voice to express their political view?





Written by Nicholas

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