The wait is finally over, after waiting months for the much anticipated new FOX TV series, Scream Queens is set to air this week.


Director Ryan Murphy created a horror-comedy that revolves around a dark past as a devil-masked serial killer murders them one-by-one at a Kappa sorority at Wallace University. Scream Queens will be presented as a series similar style to American Horror Story with each season taking on a new plot, villain, hero and narrative journey.


Check out a sneak preview, below:



The series starts with a traumatic event that took place at sorority house Kappa Kappa Tau 20 years prior, which sets the tone for the rest of the series.


In the first few minutes of watching the two-hour show opener, viewers see sorority queen Chanel Oberlin introduce her character saying ‘Surprise B*tch,’ played by Emma Roberts, who removes layers of skin from the house maid.




Whilst we have had horror based TV shows in the past, Scream Queens promises to be full of drama and fright with the impressive cast. Let’s hope the show has success to match the hype!


Check out an exclusive character introduction video, here:




Are you excited about the new show?



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