Petty Season is upon us!


Reportedly, a leaked DNC email revealed that pop star Ariana Grande was denied a chance at performing at the White House because of her donut-licking scandal earlier this year.


If you remember, the ‘Side to Side’ singer was inside of a pastry shop when security footage caught the pint-sized performer licking a donut that was on display as apart of a dare and then was even heard saying “I hate America”


Grande has since apologized for her actions but we guess not all was forgiven, proving that pettiness knows no bounds–Not even the White House.


We understand the principle behind their decision but on the other hand, Ariana can saaaaang! Obama is definitely missing out. Well Ms. Grande isn’t letting this bit of news dampen her weekend. The ‘Break Free’ belle shared her new look via Instagram just hours after the email leak.



Looking good Ari.


Obviously the ponytail isn’t going anywhere anytime soon but right now we are feeling these bangs!



What do you think of this NEW look?
Do you think the White House made a fair decision?

Let us know in the comments below!






Written by Mack

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