Go head Mariah Jr.!


Last week Ariana Grande released the title track off of her highly anticipated third studio Album Dangerous Woman. This former Nickelodeon Star is breaking free from her clean cut-kid star image once and for all and showing us how grown up she really is. The petite pop star recently upgraded from her signature cat ears and traded them in for a pair of the rabbit kind, just in time for Easter (very festive), and uploaded an A capella version of her newest hit. And trust us when we say she did not disappoint!


Check out Ms. Grande in action:



Aside from being dressed like sexy Dominatrix Easter bunny, we are Fifty shades of HERE for this video!


With her wide vocal range and sultry sound, Ariana is often compared to legendary singer/performer, Mariah Carey, who Grande sites as her biggest influence. However, with performances like this, she is sure to step out of Mariah’s shadow very soon.


First she brings the funny with her impressions on SNL and now this slayage?! Don’t get us wrong we always knew Ariana could sang but without musical accompaniment, the beauty and power of her voice really shines through and brings a new life to the song. We are more than excited to see what this new era of Ariana has in store.



What are your thoughts on Ariana’s new song? Fire or Fail?

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Written by Mack

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