We can only assume that ‘some’ of these gentlemen probably didn’t get the memo…we’re guessing!


R&B singer August Alsina was (barely) involved in a backstage fist throw down. Now, what is absurd about this story is the fact this incident took place at a anti-violence concert.


The State of Emergency 2 concert took place in St.Louis as a tribute to Mike Brown.


According to TMZ, the fight was between the ‘No Love‘ singer, and guess what…the concert promoter, Loose Cannon Slim who wasn’t pleased with Alsina’s time keeping.



“According to our sources, Alsina got into it backstage with the show’s promoter, Loose Cannon Slim, after Slim got upset at Alsina for showing up late. Words were exchanged and it seemed as if it would stop there … until the punches started flying.” – (TMZ)



This whole thing is a mess, just take a look for yourself here:




Now, we don’t know what caused the altercation; but one things for sure, all men involved, least of all the promoter, definitely should have known better considering the cause that brought them together in the first place.



 What you think about this mess right here?





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