Poor little tink tink!


Rapper and professional twitter troll, Azealia Banks is back at it once again with her social media rants but this time it may have cost her some coins.


It all began when Banks accused famed UK singer/former boy-bander, Zayn Malik (One Direction), of copying her, in his latest video for his new single ‘Like I Would’.



Malik responded by saying “I see you reaching but I don’t care … My @’s too good for you,” and that is when Banks began writing a check her butt couldn’t cash. She went off on a social media tangent where she not only attacked the former One-Directioner but also his heritage.



While feuding with Malik, Banks caught the attention of Disney Channel actress Skai Jackson. The 14-year old actress innocently tweeted Azealia to “simmer down a little” which sent the ‘212’ rapper into a fury as she began to cyber-bully the child actress and criticize her body, mother, and career via twitter. Banks even went as far as to tell Jackson “grow some hips and […] stay in a child’s place”.


But Jackson wasn’t going down without a fight:








To add insult to injury, video surfaced of Banks insulting all UK rappers, saying that they “can’t rap” and even mocking their music.



Following these events, Banks, understandably, was cut from her upcoming gig at the Rinse Born & Bred rave festival in the UK.



The official announcement reads “We have decided to cancel Azealia Banks’ headline appearance at Rinse Born & Bred.Rinse Born & Bred is a celebration of rave culture and has been created for everyone. We celebrate inclusivity and equality.” referring to Banks’ offensive comments towards Malik in which she called him a “Punjab” and a slew of other derogatory terms.


Banks has since deleted all tweets mentioning Malik or Jackson, getting rid of all evidence of her rage-fueled antics and has even offered an explanation of her blow-up. While this behavior isn’t new for this problematic femcee, it is clear that this time it is seriously affecting what little career she has left.





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Written by Mack

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