It was feels like it was just last week when Basketball Wives LA’s Draya Michele finally confirmed, what we all knew, that she was with child but it seems things are not happy at home as Draya has been spilling her own tea on Instagram all week, finally announcing that she took that she gave that engagement ring back and deleted of of her fiancé Orlando Scandrick photos.


Draya, who already has a 13-year old son Kniko, revealed to People, “I’m not sure what made me decide to take a home pregnancy test, but I decided on taking two at the same time! They were both positive and I was instantly excited,” continuing to say “Technology and ultrasound machines are much more advanced than 13 years ago when I had my first child,” the Mint Swim founder joked.


draya-michele-and-kniko team


Michele posted a not-so-cryptic message on Instagram, which she then edited a couple hours later but of course we have both.


draya michele team curtains


Of course, the soon to be mom of two’s Insta mentions went crazy and were full of fan questions. At the point, Draya started responding to a few of the comments, where she set the record straight by announcing she’s a single again!



While some don’t believe the hype and say she doing this for Insta-ttention, for now we’ll roll with her words…


This drama follows the recent rumors of Orlando questioning the paternity of Draya’s unborn son. While the Mint Swim model has made it clear that on-off-on-off fiancé is the father, that hasn’t stopped some of the other blogs, in which Draya took to her Instagram, this week, to jump in their comments and respond.



Apparently all this stems from Draya giving the Dallas Cowboy corner back his engagement ring on New Year’s Day. Well the reality star wrote “Everything ain’t TEA all the time,” in recent Instagram rant… Before you read this, grab a snack:




Well damn! We’re sorry to see her go through all of this and wish her and healthy pregnancy!



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