The 2016 MTV Video Music Awards were this past weekend and there were stars galore including Nicki Minaj, Kanye & Kim Kardashian-West, Nick Jonas, Ariana Grande, Future, Video VanGuard Award recipient Rihanna and many more!


However, there was one star who out-shined, out-twerked, and slayed everyone else in attendance, and that was Beyonce.


Despite this year marking pop icon, Britney Spears’ highly anticipated return to the VMA stage and pop purveyor Rihanna being the show’s only honoree of the night, Queen Bey still managed to draw everyone’s attention and became the focal point of the Award show, spawning the social media hashtag #BEYMAs and here’s how:



1.Red Carpet Look+ Various Costume Changes!


teamcurtainsvmabey2 teamcurtainsvmabey teamcurtainsvmabey3 teamcurtainsvmabey4


Beyonce can always be expected to serve an amazing look and exude effortless glamour but this night was different. Mrs. Carter arrived dressed as an elegant/sexier version of Mother goose.


The ‘Sorry’ singer donned an off white couture creation complete with an exaggerated (Seemingly feather covered) collar as she walked down the infamous white carpet and the looks didn’t stop there! The megastar changed her outfit four times total, even wearing a Yolan Cris Couture Calamo wedding dress at one point (pictured right)


 2.Two Words: BLUE. IVY.



The true winner of the VMAs white carpet was none other than, heir to the Throne, Miss Blue Ivy Carter.


The fabulous four year old stole the show with her fairy tale princess like dress and enough attitude to take on all of Madison Square Garden, spawning an abundance of memes.




3. She STAYED Winning! (LITERALLY)



Literally…there’s not even really a clever way to further explain it.


Leading the pack with 11 VMA nominations and 8 wins, the blonde bombshell took home almost EVERY SINGLE AWARD that she was nominated for, including Best long-form video (Lemonade) setting a record for the most awarded artist recognized by the program.


4.She Performed Lemonade






From the understated nod to the #BlackLivesMatter Movement to the hot sauce bat swinging stunt, and the mastery-level of booty popping skills that were displayed as she got the entire audience in formation, her performance was PERFECTION!



5.She stayed for the rest of the show




For the better half of the past ten years, Beyonce has been known to be quite elusive post award show performances.


Since Kanye’s memorable 2009 VMA incident, Bey has made it a habit to perform and then quickly make her way to the nearest exit to hop on a plane and go to the next event. However, this year the ‘Dangerously In Love’ Diva stayed throughout the entire show and collected each one of her awards in person. YAAAAS!



Check out Beyonce’s FULL performance at the 2016 VMAs after the jump:





What are your thoughts of this years VMAs?

Who was your favorite performance of the night?

Let us know in the comments below!





Written by Mack

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