DJ Khaled taps into Beyoncé’s “Surprise” music marketing as he drops new single to TIDAL featuring music streaming head Jay-Z & Bey, immediately after the Grammy award ceremony


Fans may have been disappointed that Beyoncé did not take over the biggest award of the night, Album of the Year at the 29th annual Grammys, but by now I’m sure they are more interested in this new music, her re-living her live babyshower Grammy award performance and figuring out if she is actually going to headline this years Coachella fest or not!


The new single is listed as a DJ Khaled song featuring Queen Beyoncé and Jay-Z, but take a listen it’s basically a celebration song for the BeyHive… think 7/11, featuring Jay-Z, add a sample then remove the dance move calls.


Listen on TIDAL, here:




You Feeling It?



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