Once again, R&B and Pop diva Beyonce has managed to make the world stop in it’s tracks. From secret albums to mysterious pregnancies, Queen Bey seizes to amaze us with her ability to keep things secret and suddenly smack us in the face with complete and utter awesomeness. It seems like every other month we hear a rumour that Beyonce may be pregnant… but by now we all know that Bey is a master of “shock” culture, whether it involves music, marriage or even a child.

The singer took to Instagram today and posted a picture of herself surrounded by flowers cradling her bundle of joy. Or in this case could be “bundles of joy” as in the caption section she writes, “We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two”. She’s having TWINS! This pregnancy will add two more to the Carter clan which already consists of 5-year-old Blue Ivy who was born back in January of 2012. A second heir to the Carter throne has been long awaited from Bey and hubby Jay-Z. Two more babies is nothing short of ethereal.

Her mother Tina also took to Instagram to congratulate her daughter on her pregnancy, also very grateful she no longer needs to keep it a secret.


If you were thinking 2017 might not be as good of a year as you would’ve hoped, I hope this changes mind:

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