Among the amazing moments taking place at the 57th Grammy Award ceremony was a red carpet interview, in which more than just a little tea was spilled.


The producer Detail of the infamous ‘Drunk In Love’ had some rather exciting news for the Beyhive fans of the billionaire couple.


team curtains beyonce jay-z


“And I’m working with a couple of new projects that I don’t want to unveil and then me and Beyoncé and Jay-Z are actually doing something together this year”, he revealed on the red carpet.


team curtains jay-z beyonce knowles


When asked what that was going to be, he replied “When you think of Jay and Bey together, you think album, so you should already know.”


beyonce jay z team


That night, the couple went on to receive five Grammy Awards between them one of which for ‘Best R&B song’ proving that when Beyoncé Knowles & Jay-Z collaborate they are able to make impact within popular music culture. So are these album talk true? If so, will fans receive an album from the iconic couple this year?


Watch the video below for more. The tea begins to spill at the 1:12 mark:





 What should they call this album?




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