Just days after Beyoncé’s first-born Blue Ivy celebrates her 3rd birthday, Beyoncé posts an Instagram picture of the pair on the beach. The post has the internet going wild… Did Beyoncé just announce that she is pregnant with baby number two?


As of a majority of Beyoncé’s Instagram posts, the photo had no caption and we have no idea of when the photo was even taken. The picture shows Beyoncé covered neck down with sand and a giant big sand belly.


Mysterious Bey tends to do things in a big way so we aren’t quite convinced!



Earlier this week, we reported on our Instagram about Beyoncé’s cousin Angie Beyince‘s Instagram post about her fun night of shenanigans with Destiny’s Child:


Noted: You’ll see there are three wine glasses. Doubt Beyoncé would be drinking (would be drinking..) wine if she is indeed pregnant but let’s see how this story develops…

Are we the only ones who wanted a Beyoncé tour this year?


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