Beyoncé is about to get her lawyers in formation!


Yes, before kick starting her new world tour, Queen Bey has to set a few things straight. Singer/Actress, Beyoncé is filing a lawsuit against a Texas-based company by the name of Feyoncé Inc. which sells merchandise with the word “Feyoncé” on it. Beyoncé’s legal team are claiming that the name “Feyonce” way too closely resembles the trademarked name of well-known artist and icon Beyoncé.


It was even pointed out that the company sells a mug with a clever slogan that reads “He put a ring on it” playing off of the company’s name which conveniently sounds like the word “fiancée”




Hmm for some strange reason that phrase sounds so familiar?




Maybe they were just “inspired”, as the ‘Crazy in Love’ crooner tends to put it.


Well, at any rate Beyoncé is not playing any games. The ‘Singles Ladies’ singer is asking for the company and their subsequent website to cease and desist since the company is profiting off of the singer’s copyrighted material and their name could be mistaken as being affiliated with her.


Well, there is no question that she definitely has a case and we hope to see this issue resolved soon. This should be a lesson to all to never go against The Queen.





What do you guys think? Are you team Beyoncé or Feyoncé?

Let us know in the comments below!

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