Should Beyoncé Knowles star in film biopic on the life of Saarjtie (Sarah) Baartman? Well it doesn’t matter what you think anymore as the ‘Bootylicious’ singers camp deny the rumours.


Queen Bey, pictured below, snapped photography with mama Tina Knowles-Lawson, at her birthday dinner, on Monday January 4th at Del Fresco’s Grille in Santa Monica, California.



The “Crazy in Love” entertainer known for her sultry powerful vocals and womanly curves had rumours going round this week that she was to star in a biopic film, in the life of, South African Woman Saarjtie (Sarah) Baartman – that was quickly squashed, as a rep for the sexy songstress released this statement:


“Beyoncé is in no way tied to this project. This is an impact story that should be told”


And then! Oh no he didn’t! Chief Jean Burgess of Ghonaqua stated:


“She lacks the basic human dignity to be worthy of writing Sarah’s story, let alone playing in part”




It’s common knowledge that Mrs Carter is known for her bootylicious bod and her mighty fine boo-tay which has been a key feature in the success of her career. The superpower POP star represents natural curves for all the women out there!


However, some may argue that despite the obvious comparisons in body curves Beyoncé may not be the right person for the role based on South African heritage and let’s not forget her looks. The features of both women are in no comparison. Saarjtie Baartman aka ‘Hottentot Venus’ was widely known for her appearance in freak shows in the 1800s cuz of her physical features and incredible large bootie. Forced to perform in films against her will, she died in 1815 at age 26.


I feel light has to be shed on Baartman’s story. I’m more than curious and eager to know now who will be chosen to play the role of historical South African woman Saarjtie Baartman? Do you think our Queen Bey was a mistake match or perfect match? Hella yea?.. or Hell Nah!!


Also this week, Bey’s daughter Blue Ivy, celebrated her 4th birthday this week… So cute!


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