If you have seen Beyoncé performing live, you probably already seen her redheaded back-up dancer. Her name is Ashley Everett.


The 26-year old is also Bey’s dance captain, after declining to continue her studies at Juilliard School for the Performing Arts to join Beyoncé on her 2007 The Beyoncé Experience Tour at the age of 17, she did not look back. Since then, Everett has worked continuously with Beyoncé, as well as a variety of other music artists and expanded her career into acting.


In an interview with Health, Ashley confirmed that the Queen Bey is cooking a new project set to outdo the last:


“Like how she dropped a whole album with no promos and shot secret videos for every one of them, best believe she’s going to outdo that.”


With the buzzing discussions of a new Beyoncé album, Superbowl appearance, video shoots for a new single in New Orleans – we are sure this news only adds to the firing question. How soon will Bey release her 6th studio album. That is yet to be confirmed, but Ashley did go on to speak on her 9 year working experience with Beyoncé.


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So what’s it really like to perform with Beyoncé?


“Obviously it’s amazing, otherwise I wouldn’t have stuck around for so long! She’s really an incredible person and an insane artist, plus her work ethic is out of this world. I just love learning from her and being inspired by her.”


What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned?


“To always continue to push myself. She’s never comfortable or like “I’m on top,” she’s always trying to outdo herself. Like how she dropped a whole album with no promos and shot secret videos for every one of them, best believe she’s going to outdo that. I think that’s incredible and I just feel like if we all do that, we’ll all succeed somehow, some way.”


Of all of the shows and videos you’ve done together, do you have a favorite?


“I will say that the Single Ladies video was definitely a turning point in dance and the music industry. We got a lot of recognition and praise from it. So that’s a favorite for me. I also really love the Heaven video I did on her last album, because I got to do more than just dance. I played her best friend and we got to act and do a lot of fun stuff while we shot. We made a lot of great memories.”



Aside from dancing, how else do you like to work out?


“When I’m really in the flow of rehearsals that’s usually the only workout I have time for. Other than that, I’ve gotten into CrossFit, which is fun because it changes everyday. And it works with your own bodyweight, which I love. Then I hike and stuff on my own free time. Beyoncé has the best body in the world, so I’m trying to keep up with her and not look crazy.”





Small aside, Ashley is rehearsing to perform during the Superbowl with Beyoncé and Coldplay….


ashley team curtains.com


BeyHive news that Beyoncé has been filming a new music video for a new project:




Are you ready for this or is it too soon?


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