Superpower Beyonce, now married & 34-years old, always wanted to become a star according to her first love Lyndell Locke.


He recently betrayed her by cooperating with author J. Randy Taraborrelli for his upcoming book Becoming Beyoncé: The Untold Story. In this book, he unveils that the teenager was a control freak when he started dating the ‘Simple girl from Houson’.


Also in book: Publicist apologises to Beyonce for Rihanna & Jay-Z for relationship scandal


He says she started to act like a diva from the age of thirteen and that the career was controlled by Mathew Knowles, a father who left his job and invested his life savings to making her a success, which drove the Knowles family to bankruptcy in the process.


Lyndell Locke, 1st boyfriend of Beyonce Pictured Lyndell an


The young couple met at her Houston Church in 1993, after being introduced by her best friend Kelly Rowland, who later became the second lead singing member of Destiny’s Child.


‘She was focused and knew what she wanted, She’d started singing when she was five and her parents supported her. There was a Beyoncé train on the fast track to fame and you were either on it or off it. Some people fell off the train and others jumped.’ he said.


Lyndall, who is now a 36-years old, a dad to his 2-year old son, cheated on Beyoncé two times during their relationship. He says he is not bitter at all and accepts that Beyoncé outgrew him.


Team Curtains Lyndell Locke Beyonce


‘We were together for ten years. I saw the changes in her. She needed someone like Jay-Z to take her to the next level. There’s no hard feelings.’ On her fame, he says that he’s not surprised by the level of her success.


‘No. She was always going to ride that Beyoncé train to the very top. That’s who she is. She wanted it so bad. She knew her destiny.’


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