Looks as though these two have come a long way from singing about ‘Ass’ and “eating the booty like groceries”


Rapper Big Sean and singer/song writer Jhene Aiko have finally released the first visual for their joint album Twenty88. The video is titled ‘Our Love’, a short film that features a slew songs by the new duo that details the highs and lows of love/relationships. The project was originally released via Jay-Z’s exclusive music streaming platform, Tidal, but has now made its debut to the public via YouTube.


In the video the Sean and Jhene portray a seemingly gangster version of Sonny & Cher set in, what looks like, an extravagant yet dystopian future riddled with sexy robots and…interesting face jewelry.


Check it out after the jump:



Wow!! There aren’t many things that leave us speechless but this just might be one of them.


Now we know what you’re thinking, “whats on Jhene’s face?” and “who gave her Kelly Rowland’s old wig from 2002?” but mainly, “what did I just watch?” These are all very valid questions that we may never have the answers to.


However, we can’t deny that this is one heck of a video. While it may be a little out there, we love its refreshing and innovative take on how celebrity relationships are treated in the media and the ugly truth behind them. We so are excited for more material from these two. We can only imagine what they’ll do next!


What do you guys think of TWENTY88? What are your thoughts on the music video?

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Written by Mack

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