“Nicki and Drake ain’t going nowhere” – Birdman


The drama between rapper Lil Wayne and his business partner/mentor and once proclaimed ‘father’, Birdman has been unfolding for the best part of a year now.

Power 105.1’s Angie Martinez speaks with the music mogul over a two-day interview where they discuss his current state of his relationship with Lil Wayne.


Angie Martinez made sure to ask on all rumors and controversies currently surrounding the music mogul.

Their informal exchange of course touched on the dispute over Young Money artists Nicki Minaj and Drake, the beef between Young Thug and Wayne, and the shocking accusations made against him in the Lil Wayne tour bus shooting as well as the most recent water throwing incident.


The world all first became aware that trouble had been brewing in the Cash Money family and had clearly reached boiling point when Lil Wayne took to twitter to air his frustrations with Birdman, and the delay of the release of his album Tha Carter V.





This was astonishing to say the least, as we doubt anyone would ever have thought that either parties could have any type of falling out, as they seemed so tight and looked to have had an unbreakable father son bond.


Of course what wasn’t a shock was rapper Tyga‘s claims to have financial issues with the label as there is a history with Birdman’s artists in the past having disagreements over money with the Cash Money label boss. Lil Wayne on the other hand, no one saw that coming from the longest of distances.


It has gone from bad to even worse from a $50 million lawsuit being filed by the Young Money founder against Cash Money to allegedly an indictment against the music mogul, for the involvement in the Lil Wayne shooting back in April.


In the two-part interview Birdman speaks on his love and forever support of his ‘son’ Lil Wayne, as well as his shock and hurt over the public claims made by the rapper, stating that “I never thought he’d be saying something negative about me. For that man to open his mouth and say something negative about me … that affected my life.


This interview if anything may confuse those who had already thought that they knew the real on this situation. Both segments were really just to reassure people that he isn’t of any wrongdoing and that he and Wayne are A-ok.

After seeing reports over the past few months involving the two, this all sounds a little strange! He even goes on to say that if Lil Wayne wants to leave Cash Money, he would give him his blessing and support on any and every decision he makes. After all, that’s what Fathers do right?!


Say what now?! To further baffle our brains the Cash Money head honcho also claims that Wayne has never come forth to him to share his wishes on leaving the label…


It’s hard not to sense the feeling that this was clearly strategically thought out by Birdman, not very well may we add, as he doesn’t totally seem honest during his sit down with the former Hot 97 DJ, and it doesn’t seem as though any of her questions were answered directly.


It seemed like an hour of repetitive jibba jabba and him repeatedly calling Lil Wayne his son.

Honestly, none of what he has had to say can be taken seriously, as the fact remains that papers were filed and Wayne shared with the world more than once that he is no longer down with Cash Money or his Daddy. So, we’re sorry Baby you’re going to have to try again because this one has not been sold.


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