The Academy Awards may have been tonight but there list of celebs that are attending a much greater cause. According to our peeps over at Buzzfeed, Creed director, Ryan Coolger  is throwing a Free benefit function in Flint Michigan to raise awareness and collect donations for the community (which happens to be predominantly black) affected by the recent water crisis.


For those of you unfamiliar with the current situation in Flint, Michigan let us give you a little back story.



Back in 2014, the  city of Flint, Michigan stopped purchasing their water from Lake Huron, which supplies water for the state capital Detroit, and instead begin using the nearby Flint River in an effort to save money. However the water in the Flint River was not treated for anti corrosion and when flown through the city’s pipes for almost two years the water began to break down the pipes and cause lead poisoning in the water. Lead poisoning has been known to cause mental and physical disabilities and despite emails that have surfaced, proving that City officials were aware of the risk, Buzzfeed reports “many city/state administrators have resigned or been fired” but none have been arrested or been held legally responsible.


With such a travesty that has not only affected the entire community of adults but also the children of Flint, Michigan , Coogler has aptly named the benefit #JusticeforFlint and tapped well-known funny man, comedian Hannibal Burress to host. Other notable black celebrities such as R&B/Funk singer Jannelle Monae,Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams, Selma director Ava DuVernay.





Coogler isn’t the only Black celeb to speak out since news broke of this highly publicized ordeal in Flint. It is reported that Beyonce plans to donate proceeds of her Formation Tour to the Flint Water Crisis and other celebrities have taken to social media to use their voice in support of the victims in Flint.






The residents of Flint are currently in need of water filters for everyday use. It is an absolute shame that in America, which showcased to be such a great,fruitful and prosperous nation, we have hard-working/tax-paying citizens living as though they are in a third world country. It has also been reported that Flint residents will still be expected to pay their water bills for the contaminated river water they have been receiving. On top of the lack of inclusion of black actors in the Oscar nominations and overwhelming amount of senseless police brutality in the US it seems as though this may sadly be another step in the overall agenda against black people in America.We here at TeamCurtains are outraged by this travesty and we stand with Flint and pray for justice to be done. For more information on how you can help visit




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Written by Mack

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