It’s going on 2 years since the death of Bobbi Kristina. The daughter of worldwide mega pop star Whitney Houston and R&B King Bobby Brown. Back in January of 2015 Bobbi Kris was found unresponsive in a bathtub (ironically mirroring the way her famous mother was found dead in 2012). She was kept in a medically induced coma for several months; she died in hospice care on July 26, 2015, at the age of 22. March 4, 2017, would’ve been her 24th birthday. In her honor, her only living parent launches a special project to help others.  He is launching a site focused on ending domestic violence.

The Bobbi Kristina’s Serenity House is a non-profit domestic violence safe haven. The site explains that the purpose of the site is to provides “24 hour crisis intervention, emergency transitional shelter, access to resources/referral services and advocacy for social change with expert support services for victims and survivors of domestic violence.”



Bobby Brown said in a statement:  “We seek a world without Domestic Violence, Bobbi Kristina’s Serenity House is that forum… our collective voices will be heard, Bobbi Kristina’s Serenity House’s purpose is to bring together all people of the world in the promotion of lasting peace through thinking globally and acting locally. The essence of our organization is providing a state of peace as a common cause, to benefit everyone without neglecting any other. Education is the principal means to building a state of world peace. It will raise the profile of this issue, hence, mobilizing resources, organizations and public opinion. As in most situations where there is a dire need to “enhance” the vision, level of compassion, and thoughts of the masses, education is the key. The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do harm, but because of those who look at it without doing anything. We intend on being the voice for the voiceless.”


Do You Think This Is A Good Way To Honor Bobbi Kristina’s Memory?? 

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