Say what now?!


Do singers Prince and Boy George have more in common other than music and eyeliner? Well, it seems so if the claims recently made by the Culture Club singer is anything to go by. According to Daily Mail, Boy George, 54, brought talent show The Voice‘s production to a halt he claims to have slept with ‘Purple Rain singer Prince, 57.


The new coach on The Voice UK made the shocking claim during the show’s audition stage in front of a live studio audience. A source in the revelation said the news ‘sent the audience absolutely wild and forced producers to stop filming.’


The judging panel consisting of, Ricky Wilson of The Kaiser Chiefs and singer Paloma Faith, they were boasting about who they’ve all collaborated with. In aims of competing with one another Paloma and Boy George went back and forth with the most impressive people they have collaborated with, where the London-born 80’s icon bragged,


I have duetted with some of the greatest soul singers in history including Luther Vandross and Smokey Robinson,’ to which Paloma replied, ‘Well OK, if we’re throwing big soul names out there, I’ve performed with Prince.’ 


Oh and wait for it….Boy George reportedly responded with, ‘Forget that, darling, I’ve slept with Prince.’





Well, of course this sent the audience into a frenzy and forced the show producers had to halt filming for a while. Well damn!


Here’s the thing, Boy George has always been known for his very matter-of-fact attitude, so what are the chances of this being untrue…or was he simply joking in aims of beating Paloma in their legends collaboration rivalry? Apparently, after the alleged claim the Production staff had to come up on stage and speak to them, which then led Boy George to start backtracking saying he in fact hadn’t really slept with Prince, but instead he just had his poster on his wall.


Did Boy George get a taste of Prince’s Purple Rain? We guess Boy George after staring at his poster on the wall instead fell into a dream state where he imagined recreating the ‘Get Off‘ video with Prince, whilst laying in a pool of his own diamonds and pearls!


Can not wait to hear Prince’s response to Boy Georges claim, said in jest of course. May the Battle of the Divos commence.



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