When you think of Boyz II Men what comes to mind?


Do you think their hit songs ‘End Of The Road’, ‘On Bended Knee’ or memories of dancing to ‘Motown Philly’ in the clubs? Is it their harmonies that ran straight through you? Or do you think, what was up with their preppy look matched with baseball caps that they had going on in the 90s?


Will music ever be this good again? Well Malcolm Music recently interviewed Boyz II Men and they gave an insight to their views on the current state of R&B and Hip Hop music, also discuss new projects working with vocal bible Brandy and their thoughts on new boy bands.


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Although we wouldn’t identify the group Boyz II Men as a boy band but as more of a group (yes we believe there is a difference) it’s always interesting to see what the old school think of the new one.


It’s easy to reminisce when we think of the emotional ballads they had us singing our hearts out to once upon a time, but it’s clear that the Boyz, now Men wanted to direct a lot of questions towards their new album Collide.


Ever wondered why the group had never ventured into solo albums? We did too, read on to find out and you will be just as happy to hear the answer just as we were.


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Speaking on new album title Collide:


Collide is truly a collision of different sounds, styles and genres… It fuses rock, pop and funk with classic R&B. The result is a very big sound and wide-ranging record. This is an album with the type of sound that works in any era with big drums and lush piano; it grooves.


On taking a more modern and left-field sound:


We really wanted to try something new. We have been known for our ballads, but they aren’t really relevant today. We were looking to do something we have never done before so we purposely picked the songs on Collide to reflect a new sound that our fans haven’t heard before.


Thoughts on the current state of the R&B and hip hop scene:


One concern we have with current R&B- and current mainstream music in general is that emphasis is so much on one hit single now, with a good beat, rather than a cohesive album with quality lyrics and melodies.


We’ve always been about making music that withstands the test of time and that includes universal lyrics that resonate with fans. We want to make great songs and great albums, not just throwaway singles. We don’t compromise or just go with what’s popular because we know that our fans deserve quality music.


Why none of the members ever released solo albums:


Boyz II Men is a brotherhood and we have been working together for so long that it didn’t even occur to us to make a solo album. One of the best things about Boyz II Men is how our voices blend together, which is what makes each record we put out great!


On working with Brandy again:


Brandy is hugely talented we have nothing but love and respect for her and her work; if the opportunity comes up to work with her again, we would definitely be open to it.


On new school boy bands like:


We appreciate all music that is out today and music of the past so we definitely keep up with the newest artists. My kids listen to the latest music so I have definitely enjoyed listening to One Direction in the car with my kids.


On artists paying homage:


Harry Styles from One Direction actually tweeted recently that he was a Boyz II Men fan! And we have collaborated with Justin Bieber in the past as well… he’s cited us an inspiration and so has Justin Timberlake, which is all very cool.


Album tracks they wish could have been singles:


“As Long as I’m with You” from our latest album! We would love to release that as a single.


Actors for a hypothetic movie “End of the Road: The Boyz II Men Story” who they’d choice actors would be?


We would play ourselves!


Discussing what we can expect  from Boyz II Men in 10 years:


Well we just released our album Collide last month which is available now on iTunes and wherever music is sold. And we also have a residency at the Mirage Hotel and Casino, which was just extended through 2015. All Vegas dates and tour dates are on our website, and beyond that we will continue touring and making music, so fans will definitely keep seeing more of Boyz II Men.






Great read. Wanna see if Boyz II Men still got it? Well, check their recent live performance:







Have you heard the new album?

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