Since the news of Angelina Jolie filing for divorce against Brad Pitt, which bearing in mind was only yesterday, there has been numerous reports on what the cause of the break up could be, from cheating accusations, bad parenting to weed smoking and partying and we are sure there is more to come.


Now whilst we the spectators look on and bask in all Jennifer Aniston themed meme glory and continue to be petty, for well…obvious reasons, the worlds obsession with the news continues and so do the reports.


Following the announcement of Brangelina calling it quits, it was quickly reported that Angelina will be going for custody of their six children.


According to TMZ But Brad Pitt isn’t willing to make it so easy for her;


Angelina Jolie isn’t going to get her way when it comes to custody … at least if Brad Pitt has anything to say about it, because TMZ has learned he’ll fight and fight hard for joint physical custody of their 6 kids.


Sources connected with Brad tell us, Angelina is dreaming if she thinks she can take his kids away from him. We broke the story, Angelina wants sole physical custody of the children … she wants a judge to give him visitation, but that’s it.


Our sources tell us Brad says, “There’s no chance that’s going to happen.” Pitt wants joint custody … he doesn’t want to interfere with Angelina’s ability to be a co-parent, but he won’t allow her to thwart him.

This now promises to become the flash point in the divorce and it has the potential to become a fierce legal battle.


That said, our Brad sources say he’s quick to add Angelina’s a “great mother” and doesn’t want to hurt her in the divorce. The sources say Brad and Angelina haven’t gotten along for months and have had frank talks about divorce several times, so this wasn’t a shock. Nevertheless, he’s still devastated.


As we reported, our Angelina sources claim Brad heavily indulges in weed and alcohol and that, combined with what she claims is an anger problem, poses a danger to their kids.

Our Brad sources insist … he’s never put his kids in danger … ever.



If there is a custody battle on the horizon, it makes it a little easier to believe some of the rumours surrounding the break-up. Why would Angelina not want to share custody of their children?


Whatever the reason we hope the former couple can come to some arrangement to make this that little less painful for all involved, most importantly the kids.




The award to the pettiest publication of 2016 goes to the NY Post for their front cover:






However humorous this may be, we can imagine that Jennifer Aniston may not have been too impressed herself to have her face as the covergirl of their divorce, especially as she has her own relationship and marriage now. Still, major LOL’s though.



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