Grammy Award Winning Icon Brandy finds herself in the midst of another beef with another female artist. This time it’s with Queen Beyoncé. HOW & WHY? Well the Tea is her songwriter, Tiyon “TC” Mack, who is Brandy’s former good friend attempted to out the singer as a ‘Beyoncé hater’ on social media.


In a series of very juicy tweets that have since been taken down, TC blasted the The Vocal Bible for making herself the victim in the celebrity feuds she’s been engaged in with other artists including Bey herself. The rumors of beef first hit the blogs after old tweets from he & Brandy insinuated that the singer was once mad at him for taking a picture with Beyoncé.




But The Vocal Bible Brandy isn’t here for the manufactured beef between her and The Queen Of Music Beyoncé.



The singer took to her very own Instagram with a picture of a Brandy Barbie posing for a selfie with a Beyoncé Barbie along with a message of respect.



“I’m not afraid of truth. My doll @4everbarbiebrandy is taking a selfie with Bey’s doll @barbiebeyoncelife –@saintrecords is always defending me and giving so much respect to my music. The music that is tucked in the heart of so many of my albums. To not love and respect Greatness would be a disgrace to my own gifts. I’ve been through soooooo much in my life so I’m not fearful of anyone’s words or slander… it doesn’t get any worse when someone has called you a….. I’ll let everyone finish that… so this post isn’t about dodging stings from the hive. This is about Truth. I love me some Bey and I love me some Solange. Now I’m done with it. Gotta go journal, meditate, and write down my affirmations for this bomb ass day I’m about to have… love y’all”


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Take a listen to a quietly kept duet between the two Pop Divas that producer put together after having them sings the songs separately.



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