The beginning of 2016 has not been a great start for R&B singer Chris Brown.  it is common knowledge that Chris has had a bad run throughout the past 7 years, whether through a fault of his own or not, trouble seems to find him.


Well, with that in mind there’s no way to start off the new year than with a fresh legal battle, as the 26-year old singer is accused of punching alleged victim Brazilian model, Liziane Gutierrez.

According to TMZ, who spoke with Gutierrez herself stating that the singer had punched her in the face at a private party in Chris’ Vegas hotel suite in Palms Hotel on Dec 2nd.


The cause of the alleged altercation? A cellphone. The model claims she was able to get her cellphone into the private party without the knowledge of his security and when she took a pic of the singer, it all went down hill from there.


The singer attempted to get the phone from her which allegedly included punching her in the eye. A picture of the bruised eye was posted to the TMZ website.





One thing which can not go without notice is TMZ stating that the mention of the victims name was at her own request. If the intention is to get her name out there, one thing the tabloid media is good for is making the non-famous known, including all your dirty laundry.


TMZ had also reported that the supposed ‘Kardashian look-a-like’ had also had a run-in with pop star Jason Derulo, after the singer had invited her friends aboard his party bus after a club appearance – but the invite was not extended to her and she was instead left on the street.


The ‘Back to Sleep‘ singer is of course never one to stay silent, not only denying the allegations but he also had a few choice words on the model stating not only does he have no idea who she is, but she probably attempted to get into his party but was turned away because she was too old and ugly to get in.


Chris Brown’s publicist Nicole Perna issued an official statement calling the charges against the singer “unequivocally untrue”, and Gutierrez was in fact removed from the party for being ‘disruptive and out of control’ which was followed by a public ‘meltdown’.


One thing is for sure, Chris is over it and took to Instagram to let it be known that he will sue anyone who makes up false allegations about him.





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