CBreezy fans cause a frenzy after Chris Brown drops new single.


Following his Gucci Mane & Usher collab ‘Party,’ the 27-year old, Chris Brown, drops ‘Privacy‘ on Soundcloud to ignite the buzz for his new documentary feature filmย  – release date set to be announced soon.


The sex-filled bedroom rocker boasts on his ‘after-dark’ antics, with lyrics:

“When I lick it, I put tears in it,” before singing, “put my face in it, eat it like a dinner date. You know I love foreplay, 12 play, everything.”



Fans of the R&B crooner are no strangers to his explicit material. On Chris Brown’s 2015 album Royalty, he offered single ‘Fuck You Back To Sleep,’ which quickly become a trending remix phenomenon, in R&B, as Usher, Tiffany Evans, Tank & more jumped on board for a remix. Check out CBreezy’s new song responses, below:


Haveย  you seen the trailer for Chris Brown’s new documentary feature film?



According to Chris Brown’s official site, the documentary, which is boasted to feature guest appearances from stars Usher, Mary J. Blige, Mike Tyson & Jennifer Lopez, moves beyond the spotlight and past the attention-grabbing headlines to give the pop superstar a chance to tell his own story. The documentary will showcase interviews, long-awaited answers and hopefully answer some questions on his tumultuous and much publicized relationships.



Earlier this week Chris was spotted on set with Jeremih & Big Sean, as they shot the music video for ‘I Think of You’ more info that to follow.


You feeling it?


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