American Singer Christina Aguilera took to Instagram to show off her little bundle of joy in the form of a baby diva. Daughter, Summer Rain’s face is yet to be unveiled but Christina couldn’t resist showing us a little teaser of her.


Christina is known for chart topping hits like “Can’t Hold Us Down” and she boast that her baby girl is going to be up there too. The picture was posted with twitter caption: “Watch out….another one’s getting ready to conquer the world! #driven #diva2”



Xtina is said to be cooking up a little ratchet flavour on her next album, which will follow her 2012 LP Lotus. Is Christina working with Da Internz to give us some hip-pop? Christina can saaannnngggg tho! So we’re definitely excited for this one. Here what Da Internz had to say in a recent interview.


“The best way I could describe it is called that gourmet ratchet!”

“We’re serving it on gold platters, 14K.”  

“You wanna know what Christina’s music sounds like? 14K caviar ratchet, serving with three  fingertips.”  


Sounds exciting, anticipation for the album builds as we no release date. We’ll be checking-in to keep you updated. Xtina please don’t have us waiting too long!

Will you be buying it?

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