Baby Future’s swimming lessons has to be the cutest thing ever.

R&B performing artist Ciara shares footage of her 8 month year old baby Future swimming by posting videos on Instagram. This is the best thing we have seen so far in 2015.

Granted, this may not be the first time you are seeing a baby swim, with viral videos of both 16 month old Baby Elizabeth and toddler Arabel. That said, it is amazing to see especially as it feels as though Future was born just the other day, and now he is putting some of us to shame and swimming like a pro.

It is cuteness overload how Baby Future handles himself in the water as he kicks his little legs, floats and turns himself over.


Ciara also posted a video where the swimming instructor Naydene advises openly on the importance of teaching your child to swim. She states that drowning is the leading cause of death in under 14 year olds which overall makes this all the more inspiring.

Under one the videos Mummy CiCi’s caption read;

“Something Ive Learned That All Moms Should Know….The First Step Is Your Baby Knowing What To Do If They Fall In The Water… Baby Futures 1st Phase Of Being In The Water Is Called #InfantAquaticSurvival. It’s So Hard To Watch Sometimes Because He Gets Challenged By The Water, But It’s The Best Feeling To See Him Accomplish It!”

Have a peep at little Future:

Are we the only ones that want to see more?

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