Nathan Devonte, Founder/ Senior Editor

Bumping into these celebrities, taking a photo for Instagram wasn’t enough! I wanted to get the real TEA.
So I jumped in the drivers seat, set up so now we can have some real fun with it…
Favourite Celebrity(s): Beyonce Knowles & Michael Jackson
CURTAINS Moment: Nivea’s thoughts on Christina Milian

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Taneisha Nicole, Social Media/ Entertainment Contributor

I share the same interests as yourselves which brought you here! What’s new in the world of celebrities? The opportunity to join the team has given me the platform to express my opinion on this. I’m here to put the TEA in TEAm Curtains and serve it the best way I know how. I take mine with three sugars… How about you?

Favourite Celebrity(s): Rihanna & the late great Michael Jackson
CURTAINS Moment: Seeing the back of Rihanna’s head in Topshop. I lived for those few seconds… Ha!

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Dwain Allen, Social Media Blogger

I’m a Jack of all trades and always been interested in what celebrities get up to behind the cameras. So i decided to put that passion into action and join TEAm Curtains. I like separate the real from the fake and hear what the celebs have to say.

Favourite Celebrity(s): Beyoncé, J cole
CURTAINS Moment: Meeting Nivea & Sisqo

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Naouel Achouri, Fashion & Entertainment Contributor

I love art, fashion, music and celebrity gossip of course. Which is why I grabbed the opportunity TEAm Curtains gave this French girl and now I get to share my in interest by serving my opinionated celeb tea with you! I’m really grateful for this and I hope that you will enjoy reading our articles and social media posts just as much as we enjoy writing them!

Favourite Celebrity: Beyoncé, Janet Jackson, Jay-Z, Kanye West…
Curtains Moment: Meeting Kanye West on the streets of Paris with my friends, he was so kind, smiling and talkative. We asked for a picture he said yes and even thanked us for being nice with him. He’s a really cool guy, I love him!

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Jafar, Music Contributor

I’m a lover of music, showbiz and a good cuppa, so TEAm Curtains is the right place for me! I like to find out more about the hustle behind the scenes away from the bright lights and red carpets.
Favourite Celebrity: Beyoncé
Curtains Moment: Being featured in a music video for Dizzee Rascal.

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J. Hicks Jr., Social Media/ Entertainment Contributor

My purpose is to deliver the hottest topics with a comedic twist. I joined Team Curtains to get a closer look on other people perceptions of life happening around us.  I have a sharp tongue and deliver all my news unfiltered.

Favourite Celebrities: J. Cole, Jazmine Sullivan, Kendrick Lamar, Beyoncé
CURTAINS Moment: Being front row at the Mrs. Carter World Tour.

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Midorie Claire, Social Media/ Entertainment Contributor

I am French! I’m a music lover who loves snitching – ditching in stars tea. The world of celebrities is so entertaining, because they’re always hiding interesting stories. I like delivering the tea and adding some sugars to make it better. Throwing some shades here and there! That’s why I jumped on the opportunity to join the TEAm Curtains! I love writing about celebrities and I hope you’ll have fun as much as me.

Favourite Celebrities: Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Azealia Banks, Kendrick Lamar, Tech N9ne & Nicki Minaj
CURTAINS Moment: Being blocked by Blac Chyna after I spilled the tea about her “Lashed” cosmetic products line!


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