Dawn Richard says she could drop her new album RedemptionHeart tomorrow. Are you ready for the REDera?!


Last year we caught up with the former Danity Kane babe to speak on her solo journey and to find out how she plans to stay innovative as a creative artist while moving into the next era. When we asked on what she feels the next step is for her music career “the next step is progression, what you guys are seeing is only half of what I am able to do,” she said. The conversation shortly led onto her resources as an independent artist and the 32-year old singer said ‘I’m giving you is what an independent artist doing it on her own can give you’ and asks her fans to ‘take that and digest that.’


Channeling her inna Prince, in 2015 Dawn Richard reinvented herself with a new more futuristic stage name, DΔWN. We’re not sure how distinctive that is for branding but when we saw the ‘Blow’ performer at the London Jazz Cafe, we left in admiration of her dedication to her craft as we could see the efforts put in to stay current, yet be ever-evolving and slaying her fans! (Who left wanting more… two dates next time please!)



With many of todays R&B singers mentioning Brandy Norwood as one of their vocal inspirations, our friend/ informant Sope Soetan asked DΔWN on her thoughts to those who may offer comparisons to the ‘Full Moon’ singer. Comparisons that Richard does not understand and responded with “it’s funny,” before saying “that only black people think that.” Read below:


“People want so badly for there to be Brandy-isms. I didn’t know about Brandy until college, I didn’t grow up on Brandy, I grew up on Bjork and Imogen Heap. So there was no influence but I respect her. I think she’s one of the dopest singers we’ve ever had in our time. When I found out about her through my brother, I was like this girls voice is on a whole other level so the respect of Brandy is definitely there. She to me is the vocal bible, but I don’t necessarily take her style or influence into my music. I don’t think of Brandy when I think of the formatting of my music and I think it’s funny that only black people think that.”



DΔWN spawned several new tracks and visuals last year, many to query what will make the RedEra, those include ‘New or Lean,’ ‘James Dean,’ ‘Dance,’ ‘Hollywould,’ alongside Soundcloud releases ‘Genocide,’ ‘Roses’ and also the addition of an Adele cover ‘Hello.’


In our interview with the EDM songstress there are mentions of former Diddy-Dirty Money band mate Kalenna Harper, collaborations with Danity Kane’s Aundrea Fimbres, Coco & Breezy and her thoughts on returning to reality TV. With questions asked by Nathan Devonte, as always, we close our Skype call with a random and ridiculous Quick Fire Round.


Video interview removed as requested, but you can listen to the interview, below:






Are You Ready For The RedEra?





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