From Danity Kane, to going solo, to Diddy’s Dirty Money, back to Danity Kane and now again a solo artist!


Singer Dawn Richard stopped by The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 earlier this week to promote her new album Blackheart. We would describe the genre of Blackheart as Electro-Pop although switching music genre, her vocals stay consistent. Music aside for a moment: Dawn also wants you to know that her surname is pronounced Ri-shard, descending from her Haitian father.




Dawn’s musical timeline is a busy one. Danity Kane came back together late 2013 set to release new music, downsizing the line-up to four… Later, one member fell pregnant but that didn’t stop them moving forward, releasing new album ‘DK3’ after splitting up again! It seems Dawn has tactfully waited until now to spill all.


The group’s breakup became official when DK member Aubrey O’day filled a police report stating that Dawn had punched her in the face. Richard tells The Breakfast Club hosts what really went down and how Aubrey and Shannon were not happy with her dominating the vocals on many of the album tracks. Unbeknown to Dawn, the pair took it upon themselves to book secret studio sessions to re-record her vocals with their voices. Dawn was notified by one of the albums producers who knew nothing of the secret plan and she headed down to the studio heated, feeling angry and betrayed. An argument soon turned physical as she punched band member Aubrey in the face ending Danity Kane 0.3. Dawn explains that she does not condone her violence but was in the heat of the moment.


Have you seen the music video for ‘Blow’?




As an example for many artists, Dawn explains that she does it all herself without label support. Her passion is alive and has no plans of giving up and even talks follow-up album. You can find Blackheart on iTunes.


Is Dawn better solo or in Danity Kane?

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