Congrats are in order for ‘Loyal’ R&B singer Chris Brown who hit a home run, this week, in custody count against his baby mama. Nia Guzman, who is the mother of Chris’ 1-year old daugher, Royalty, lost so bad the judge ordered her to pay C-Breezy back for the attorney fees he fronted her.


According to TMZ, Nia struck out on every single request regarding custody of 2-year-old Royalty.


Full custody – DENIED.
Monitored visitation when with Chris – DENIED.
No visitation access for Chris’ mom – DENIED.
Chris to submit drug tests – DENIED.


Chris Brown Nia Guzman Denied Court


The judge maintained the status quo — joint custody. Chris continues to see his daughter Royalty Brown 12 days a month.


When Nia filed her legal docs asking for a change in custody the judge ordered Chris to pay her $20k so she could afford a lawyer. But she lost so hard, the judge said Nia wasn’t entitled to the money and gave Chris a credit.


There was supposed to be a separate hearing on child support. Nia is currently getting $2,500 a month from Chris but she wanted nearly $16k. Nia has now dismissed her support petition!




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