In a case of mistaken identity the “other” Michelle Williams was congratulated for a SAG Award nomination on Twitter.


Well, although the 36-year old former Destiny’s Child member has dabbled into broadway acting this nomination is not for her. Do you remember Jen Lindley from Dawson’s Creek? Well that actresses name is also called Michelle Williams. So, in the year 2000 when Mathew Knowles bought in new members, Farrah Franklin and Tenitra, but asked Tenitra to use her middle name Michelle it was clear this was bound to happen at least once.


Well according to Michelle (the “other” one), this mistake happens at least once a day.



The ‘Say Yes’ singer went on congratulate the actress, Michelle Williams, for a 2017 SAG Award nomination and confirmed she’s a fan, saying “I love her work too and her haircuts are always super dope!


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Over the weekend, singer Michelle Williams performed in London, at the Kensington Temple.



We were lucky enough to attend, here’s a little clip:





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