Singer Adele has reportedly turned down Beyoncé, who wanted the two to collaborate on a duet. Apparently, Beyoncé tried to get a track recorded with Adele for a year to which the Brit singer declined.


According to the International Business Times,


“Bey has been asking Adele for a year to join forces, she went into the studio with Adele at the end of last year and tried to convince her to collaborate on a track. Adele turned down the offer, so now Bey is putting the song on her new album instead, which everyone is saying will drop before the end of the year,” an alleged source told Heat magazine.



Adele told ID magazine of her fears of fame, and what comes with it, for both herself and her loved ones. This is probably why she records an album, does a couple of videos for the singles, an award show or two then disappears, never to be seen again for another three or four years.




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Honestly, she has done a really good job over the past eight years staying out of the limelight unless promoting her music.


The 27-year-old mother of one has never kept the secret of her love of the mega superstar singer and her desires for a collaboration, which she discussed just last month in her Heart Radio interview.


If true, could this be the reason she had turned down the chance to duet with Beyoncé? Although we love both artists, much like the rest of the world, just what would an Adele/Beyoncé actually sound like? This can almost be compared to a Prince and Micheal Jackson collab in the 80’s or early 90’s, can you picture it yet? Kind of unimaginable right?!


Of course there is no denying that the two ladies are bosses in their own lanes, the buzz which followed Adele’s comeback single has definitely proved that, but is the world really at a loss if a collaboration were not to happen?



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