Do you remember in 2013 when superstar Beyoncé Knowles tried plant-based diet for 22 days with her husband Jay-Z?


The 20+ Grammy Award winner sparked major controversy visiting meat-free vegan restaurants wearing animal based attire such as a fox fur coat and cowhide.


Team Curtains


The couple completed the challenge on Jay’s birthday and celebrated the achievement with a large fish platter.


It seems Beyoncé can’t get enough of the plant-based diet and has recently teamed up with healthy living experts, 22 Days Nutrition to launch a vegan meal delivery service. This has sent the vegan community wild as the news goes viral.

vegan beyonce team curtains



Beyoncé has been known to wear various animal skinned clothing, snacking on foods such as fried turtle and most recently the ‘Kitty Kat’ singer was seen in Thailand riding a baby elephant. It’s going to take a little more than just a dietary change to please the vegan community.



 Do you think Beyoncé has really adopted a vegan lifestyle?

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