Who would have thought it, because we sure wouldn’t have.



Apparently the drama between the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast is on a hundred, as TMZ reports that the once pristine model Cynthia Bailey took it from the catwalk to the streets.  


The 47-year-old former model has allegedly kicked cast mate Porsha Williams in the stomach, which apparently led to Porsha having to go to the emergency room.


The two were said to have got into an argument…no surprise there, we wonder if the disagreement had anything to do with Cynthia’s husband Peter Thomas.


As some of you may recall, Porsha was the first to call out Peter on his suspected cheating last season, before he was recently caught out in the club behaving inappropriately with another woman.


It’s hard to imagine Cynthia taking an argument to the level of violence, but who knows how someone will react if pushed to a certain point.



Hell, Porsha did. Remember?




Well, news has it that the altercation was caught on camera…is this the drama needed from the show with the exit of Miss Nene Leakes? The reality series is sure to lose viewers with Nene handing back her peach, but this might just have some of those lost viewers returning just to peep how this all went down.



Anyone else thinking that Kenya Moore is somewhere rejoicing after her on-air dragging?!



Your Thoughts?



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