Whitney Houston is arguably the best female vocalist of all time, but sadly she is no longer here to verify her story.




Angela Bassett, friend of Whitney, directed the much-anticipated Lifetime biopic, starring Yaya DaCosta as Whitney Houston. Lifetime has earned itself a reputation of releasing bad biopics; do you remember Liz & Dick and the story of Aaliyah.


Here’s to them not doing it again! Hands down Yaya gave a stunning performance and had Whitney down with mannerisms and all. The film was clearly well-directed taking you on a journey including all things naughty and nice. The film told the story of a young Whitney at the height of her career, juggling love, motherhood and addiction.


The biopic offered us no new, news! So why were Whitney’s family so against it? Whitney’s team had nothing to do with the production and the revelations of these intimate moments. We received quite a positive picture of Bobby Brown, could this have something to do with it? *Sips tea*


Bad boy Bobby was painted to be a romantic, corrupted by love and ego. There was no mention of the physical abuse in their marriage or even an in-depth portrayal of the decline of their love. This is what makes the film questionable, leaving the audience feeling quite short-changed!


Whitney is portrayed as a regular girl with an amazing gift, with an intense love for music. It is revealed that Whitney was very dependant on Bobby Brown, getting high, and with the ambition of having his child. If I were Whitney’s mother Cici, I don’t think I would like this movie either.






Lifetime were unable to secure the rights to Whitney’s vocals, so the songs were sung by Grammy nominated artist Deborah Cox, who did an amazing job at giving us Whitney’s essence.



We’ve all seen the documentaries spilling the tea on Whitney’s trials and tribulations. This one, however, seemed to be just as much about Bobby as Whitney. Should they have called the movie “Whitney & Bobby”?


Will you be watching the next Lifetime biopic or nah? 

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