Artist/ Producer Akon is back, well not musically, but into headlines with an uber initiative as he aims to provide electricity to 600 million people across the African continent.


This is a fantastic, we are used to seeing black celebrities giving money to charity and helping financially for natural disasters and charities but it is great to Akon go that one step further.


The Multi-platinum selling Grammy-nominated Akon has always been grounded in charity since 2006 with establishing the Koinfidence Foundation which is a non-profit organisation dedicated  to increasing public awareness of the conditions in Africa. The charity also provides underprivileged African youth with access to learning and recreational environments.


What an achievement, eight years later, to have a scientific initiative that will provide electricity to those that really need it; the solar academy will be named Akon lighting Africa.


The academy will help African countries to make use of the power from the sun. With its 320 days sunshine a year, the continent is perfectly suited to the development of solar power, particularly since 622 million Africans still do not have access to electricity.


Not only will this academy generate electricity but it will also increase employment with a sustainable business model that provides training and create jobs enabling local populations to embrace technical solutions and become self-sufficient.



Watch the Video below, for more information:




Congrats to Akon. This is black excellence!




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