R&B singer Ashanti comes face to face with her stalker… again!


Her stalker, Devar Hurd was banned from contacting the ‘Baby’ singer back in 2009 when he was jailed for 2 years for stalking and harassing her. Since his release, he has bombarded Ashanti with explicit text messages and has even attended an event where he knew her sister would be… but get this, he even posed in a pic with her. (She didn’t recognise him…eeek!)


Ashanti Stalker Court


Both Ashanti attended the courtroom where she would testify on the witness stand in the Manhattan Supreme, on Thursday October 1st. Hurd, the delusional stalker was on trial, with charges for breaking his restraining order.


Assistant District Attorney Rachel Ehrhardt asked Ashanti: “Did you ever have a romantic relationship with Devar Hurd?” With response “Absolutely no. Never, ever,” she replied. After she answered Hurd was noted laughing in disbelief. Ashanti later said:


I’m shocked and horrified at the thought of going through this ordeal again, but I will do whatever it takes to make sure my family is safe and that justice is served.


This case previously resulted with mistrial in December, after a juror got sick, so here’s to hoping this time, this issue gets puts to bed. These celebrity stalkers don’t play!


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