There are only a few days left before Drake treks across North America with fellow rapper Future in one of the most epic summer tours yet for the Canadian artist.


Summer Sixteen will kick off on Wednesday evening, July 20 in Austin, Texas, before heading eastbound and up north towards Drake’s hometown in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where the duo are set to have three concert dates and two additional ones in October. Other cities which will be graced with multiple concert dates include Miami and New York among others.


What was initially meant to be tour spanning two months has been extended to three months to the elation of Drake and Future fans.

Because of the overwhelming popularity of Summer Sixteen, tour organisers and publicists have added 15 new dates to the extravaganza, some being repeat locations, while adding other destinations like Des Moines and Philadelphia to the mix, to cater to Drake’s huge fan base throughout the regions.






Prior to the announcement of the addition concert dates, one of the last stops on the tour will be at the newly opened T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. A returning favourite for Sin City, Drake and Future are some of the first acts to experience this wonderful new venue. Previously the Hotline Bling singer had performed in the city’s hottest party spots, such as the Marquee and the MGM Garden Arena.


The T-Mobile is the latest entertainment venue opened by MGM Resorts International to offset the spiraling losses they’ve seen from their previously lucrative gaming floors and bingo halls in recent years.


With more casino operators increasing investment in non-gambling entertainment due to online counterparts offering better payouts for bingo and other classic games, Las Vegas has become one of the most abundant concert venues in North America, which means music fans should expect the likes of Drake and Future to feature regularly at the T-Mobile Arena for years to come.


After Vegas, the two will head to Oakland, then head up north to Seattle, before making their way to Vancouver, British Columbia and Edmonton, Calgary.

Extending their “Summer Tour,” Drake and Future are set to return to Los Angeles, with more American and Canadian stops in between, then finally concluding in Newark, New Jersey.


For more information on the tour and tickets, visit the official website.



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