If it was ever a thought that Dru Hill‘s attempts at making a comeback was futile, one things for sure, they now have a little extra bank to keep them going.


The multi-platinum selling R&B quartet have just settled big with their former record label to the tune of $1 million by a New York judge who favored with the group over a breach of contract suit.


Record label KEDAR Entertainment, responsible for the careers of artists such as Erykah Badu and D’angelo, are said to have messed up big time and did a botch job in the handling of the groups comeback albums, which resulted in them losing thousands in royalties which they would have gone onto make.


According to the suit made, the group signed deals for 2010’s ‘InDRUpendence Day’ and Sisqo’s solo project from earlier this year, ‘The Last Dragon’, which Sisqo discussed in the groups Team Curtains interview at the end of last year.


The guys were promised that Kedar would spend at least $300K promoting the releases but the company didn’t pull through on the agreement which in turn saw the group go on to lose potential album sales, concert bookings, and publishing revenue.


Adding salt to the wound, there are added claims  that the group never actually received any of their advance money at the start of either project.


Kedar not only have to pay up, but they must also release the group from their contract.


In case you missed it, we sat down with Dru Hill last year and discussed Sisqo’s album The Last Dragon, the beef between themselves and Kyle from Jagged Edge.


Check it out below:




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